• Exchange or return within 14 days of pickup
  • Exchange the item in store (existing items in the store) or transfer the returned item back to the warehouse through the store
  • At your own expense, you will send your return and exchange items together with the completed return form to the address below
  • Address: 18th Floor, Block 2, Goodman Tuen Mun Logistics Center, 3A Hung Cheung Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories. Hong Kong Recipient: Giordano Online Store

    If you have any questions about the method of returning or exchanging goods, please email hkeshop@giordano.com or Giordano Whatapps Customer Service Hotlinecontact us.

    Eligible for return and exchange:

    Please note that the following cases do not accept returns:

    About refunds :

    In case of dispute:

    Giordano GmbH reserves the right of final decision.

    free in-store pickup
    free shipping $350 or above


    14 days guaranteed exchange / return

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    online store customer service hotline:
    (+852) 6319 0068
    hotline office hours:
    monday - sunday 9:00 - 17:00

    e-mail address: hkeshop@giordano.com




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